We want to give everyone the power to build the best portfolio website without spending time on the technical side.
Humanpage was born in 2022 and has been hardly working on making the best portfolio platform for everyone, everything. Before that, building a personal blog or CV will be a lot of work. Although there are plenty of choices for graphically building websites, you still need to spend time on turning the configuration, and their content management system is not good enough.
We want you to focus on the content, not low-level settings. If you are not a developer or a designer, you should definitely use Humanpage because it does not require any technical knowledge or design skills. What you need is simply setting up sections of your choice, and then you can start fulfilling your content.
Even if you are a developer and know how to build a website, you should still think more on how to demonstrate your skills and abilities, rather than spending time on developing a toy blog that does not reflect your core values — you deserve much more than a simple-blog-developer.
We have designed Humanpage carefully to fit the needs of everyone, from designers, photographers, managers, to developers, students, professors, and researchers. Each role has its own unique needs, unique content types, and unique ways to display their works — we care you all.
And if you are a web developer who wants to build a portfolio website yourself through coding, you can still use Humanpage as your back-end. We provide a series of public APIs for developers to use (only for getting content, not posting or deleting). With the superpower of Humanpage dashboard, you can now manage your content in the easiest way and fetch them conveniently inside your front-end.
It's not the end. There are still plenty of spaces for you to utilize Humanpage with your own needs. We are always thriving to make Humanpage the world's best portfolio platform, and we can't wait to see how everyone loves it.
Meet the team
We are a team of people who love to build products.
Our values
We believe in a strong, collaborative culture. Portfolio should be a place where people can share their skills, knowledge, and experience. It has to be clean, simple, easy, and comfortable to use. We hope you enjoy the process of reading one's portfolio, knowing deeper about them, and trying to feel their experiences throughout their writings. We love you, and we love all we created.
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